Wednesday, December 24, 2014

IIT JEE Mathematics Study Guide Ch. 35. Trigonometrical equations and Revision Facilitator

Sections in the chapter R D Sharma
35.1 Trigonometrical equations

Study Plan

Day 1

35.1 Trigonometrical equations
Objective Type Exercise: 1 to 20

Day 2
O.T.E.: 21 to 40

Day 3
O.T.E.: 41 to 60

Day 4
O.T.E.: 61 to 73

Day 5
Fill in the blanks type exercise 1 to 16

Try to recollect relevant points on the topic and if required right click on the topic if link is given and open in a new window to read the relevant material. Close the window and come back.

35.1 Trigonometrical equations

Periodic Function

Period of a Function

General solutions of simple trigonometric equations

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