Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chapters in R.D Sharma Mathematics Book

1. Sets
2. Cartesian product of sets and relations
3. Functions
4. Binary operations
5. Complex numbers
6. Sequences and series
7. Quadratic equations and expressions
8. Permutations and Combinations
9. Binomial theorem
10. Exponential and logarithmic series
12. Determinants
13 Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates and straight lines
14. Family of lines
Ch.15 Circle
Ch. 16. Parabola
Ch. 17. Ellipse
Ch. 18. Hyperbola
19. Real Functions
20. Limits
21. Continuity and Differentiability
22. Differentiation
23. Tangents , Normals and other applications of derivatives
24. Increasing and decreasing functions
25 Maximum and minimum values
26. Indefinite integrals
27. Definite Integration
28. Areas of Bounded regions
29. Differential equations
32. Probability
33. Trigonometric ratios, Identities and Maximum & Minimum Values of Trigonometrical Expressions
Ch.34 properties of Triangles and circles connected with them
Ch. 35. Trigonometrical equations
36. Inverse Trigonometrical functions
Ch. 37 Solution of Triangles
Ch. 38 Heights and distances

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mathematics Videos for IIT JEE

There are many videos now available on internet especially Youtube to help us in learning mathematics.

Some of them are being collected for various chapters of IIT JEE Syllabus in a Knol Book of Videos